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Line 1
ali mariane te tzna romin
ali marian-e te ta-s-na romin
ART Mariano-CL there PREP-3E-house Domingo
Mariano is at Domingo's house.

Line 2
ali romine ba yak'inta xchob
ali romin-e ba y-ak'inta x-chob
ART Domingo-CL go(AUX) 3E-to_weed ASP-cornfield
Domingo is going to weed his cornfield.

Line 3
bweno marian mi li` chakom ta jnae
bweno marian mi li` ch-a-kom ta j-na-e
good Mariano Q/or here/this ICP-2A-remain PREP 1E-house-CL
Well, Mariano, do you want to stay here at my house?"

Line 4
yu`un chibat ta abtel li vo`one
y-u`un ch-i-bat ta abtel li vo`on-e
3E-agency ICP-1A-go PREP work ART I-CL
because I'm going to work."

Line 5
i`i mu jk'an xikom
i`i mu j-k'an x-i-kom
no NEG 1E-want ASP-1A-remain
No, I don't want to stay (home)."

Line 6
chba jchi`inot
ch-ba j-chi`in-ot
ICP-go(AUX) 1E-accompany-2A
I'll go and accompany you."

Line 7
yu`un ta jk'an ta jchan li k'u x`elan cha`abteje
y-u`un ta j-k'an ta j-chan li k'u x-0-`elan ch-a-`abtej-e
3E-agency ICP 1E-want ICP 1E-learn ART what ASP-3A-be ICP-2A-work-CL
Because I want to learn how you work."

Line 8
pero jna`tik mi xana` k'u x`elan cha`abtej
pero j-na`-tik mi x-a-na` k'u x-0-`elan ch-a-`abtej
but 1E-know-PL Q/or ASP-2E-know what ASP-3A-be ICP-2A-work
But who knows if you will know HOW to work."

Line 9
pero yu`un ta jchan
pero y-u`un ta j-chan
but 3E-agency ICP 1E-learn
But I want to learn."

Line 10
mi xak'an xachanubtasone
mi x-a-k'an x-a-chanubtas-on-e
Q/or ASP-2E-want ASP-2E-teach-1A-CL
Do you want to teach me?"

Line 11
bweno batik che`e
bweno bat-tik che`e
good go-PL then
OK, let's go then."

Line 12
ali` avasalunae
ali` av-asaluna-e
here 2E-hoe-CL
Here's your hoe."

Line 13
bweno batik che`e
bweno bat-tik che`e
good go-PL then
Ok, let's go then."

Line 14
ik'otik ta chobtik
i-0-k'ot-ik ta chob-tik
CP-3A-arrive-PL PREP cornfield-PL
They arrived at the cornfield.

Line 15
lok'o laxonobe maryan
lok'-o l-a-xonob-e maryan
remove-IMP ART-2E-sandal-CL Mariano
Take off your sandals, Mariano."

Line 16
yu`un tol ach'el
y-u`un tol ach'el
3E-agency too_much mud
because there's lots of mud."

Line 17
bweno ta jlok'
bweno ta j-lok'
good ICP 1E-remove
OK, I'll take them off."

Line 18
bweno abtejkotik un maryan
bweno abtej-k-otik un maryan
good work-SUBJ-1APLI PT Mariano
Ok, let's work, Mariano."

Line 19
axi chajos une
a-xi ch-a-jos un-e
2E-thus ICP-2E-scrape PT-CL
This is how you scrape (the ground)."

Line 20

Line 21
istambeik abtel un
i-s-tam-be-ik abtel un
CP-3E-lift-BEN-PL work PT
They began to work.

Line 22
pero ti maryan une isjos skotol tajmek xchi`uk
pero ti maryan un-e i-s-jos s-kotol ta-j-mek x-chi`uk
but ART(remote) Mariano PT-CL CP-3E-scrape 3E-all PREP-one-NC(time) ASP-with
But Mariano was hoeing absolutely everything, including

Line 23
chobtik un
chob-tik un
cornfield-PL PT
the corn plants.

Line 24
yu`un mu sna` k'usi li chobtik une
y-u`un mu s-na` k'usi li chob-tik un-e
3E-agency NEG 3E-know what ART cornfield-PL PT-CL
Because he didn't know which was the corn.

Line 25
ta tz'akal un iyil ti romin ti ibojbat xa ti
ta tz'akal un i-y-il ti romin ti i-0-boj-b-at xa ti
PREP afterwards PT CP-3E-see ART(remote) Domingo CONJ CP-3A-cut-BEN-PASS already ART(remote)
Later, Domingo saw that

Line 26
xchob une
x-chob un-e
ASP-cornfield PT-CL
his corn plants had been chopped down.

Line 27
aa pero maryan ali`e ja` chobtik
aa pero maryan ali`-e ja` chob-tik
yes but Mariano here-CL ! cornfield-PL
Ah, but Mariano, this here is CORN."

Line 28
axi chakomese
a-xi ch-a-komes-e
2E-thus ICP-2E-leave-CL
You should leave it, this way."

Line 29
ali`e ja` chenek' li`e ja` chichol
ali`-e ja` chenek' li`-e ja` chichol
here-CL ! bean here/this-CL ! tomato
This is a bean plant; this is a tomato."

Line 30
bweno kolaval chavalbone romin
bweno vokol-av-al ch-av-al-b-on-e romin
good difficult-2E-say ICP-2E-say-BEN-1A-CL Domingo
Well, thanks for telling me, Domingo."

Line 31
yu`un mu xkojtikin k'u x`elan li chobtike
y-u`un mu x-k-ojtikin k'u x-0-`elan li chob-tik-e
3E-agency NEG ASP-1E-recognize what ASP-3A-be ART cornfield-PL-CL
Because I am not familiar with how cornfields are."

Line 32
pero abulajan chanubtason k'u x`elan lek
pero abulaj-an chanubtas-on k'u x-0-`elan lek
but suffer-2APSUBJ teach-1A what ASP-3A-be good
But please teach me how to

Line 33
work properly."

Line 34
bweno chajchanubtas
bweno ch-a-j-chanubtas
good ICP-2A-1E-teach
OK, I'll teach you."

Line 35
ali`e ja` tz'i`lel
ali`-e ja` tz'i`lel
here-CL ! weed
This is a weed."

Line 36
ja` ta jjostik skotol
ja` ta j-jos-tik s-kotol
! ICP 1E-scrape-PL 3E-all
We hoe it away completely."

Line 37
i`abtejik un
i-0-abtej-ik un
CP-3A-work-PL PT
So they worked.

Line 38
ta jlikel o un ivuch sk'ob ti maryan une
ta j-likel o un i-0-vuch s-k'ob ti maryan un-e
PREP one-NC(moment) REL PT CP-3A-blister 3E-arm,hand ART(remote) Mariano PT-CL
In a little while, Mariano's hand began to blister.

Line 39
tzk'el ta julikel tzk'el ta julikel sk'ob ti maryan une
ta-s-k'el ta ju-likel ta-s-k'el ta ju-likel s-k'ob ti maryan un-e
ICP-3E-look PREP each-NC(moment) ICP-3E-look PREP each-NC(moment) 3E-arm,hand ART(remote) Mariano PT-CL
Every little while Mariano would look at his hand,

Line 40
yu`un mu sk'an xalbe ti romin une
y-u`un mu s-k'an x-y-al-be ti romin un-e
3E-agency NEG 3E-want ASP-3E-say-BEN ART(remote) Domingo PT-CL
Because he didn't want to say anything to Domingo (about it).

Line 41
iyil ti romin ti tzk'el sk'ob ti maryan une
i-y-il ti romin ti ta-s-k'el s-k'ob ti maryan un-e
CP-3E-see ART(remote) Domingo CONJ ICP-3E-look 3E-arm,hand ART(remote) Mariano PT-CL
Domingo saw that Mariano kept looking at his hand.

Line 42
maryan k'usi ispas lak'obe
maryan k'usi i-s-pas l-a-k'ob-e
Mariano what CP-3E-do,make CP-2E-arm,hand-CL
Mariano, what has happened to your hand?"

Line 43
jna`tik k'usi ispas
j-na`-tik k'usi i-s-pas
1E-know-PL what CP-3E-do,make
Who knows what happened to it."

Line 44
ba sk'elbe sk'ob maryan ti romin une
ba s-k'el-be s-k'ob maryan ti romin un-e
go(AUX) 3E-look-BEN 3E-arm,hand Mariano ART(remote) Domingo PT-CL
Domingo went to look at Mariano's hand.

Line 45
a pero yu`un ivuch xa lak'obe maryan
a pero y-u`un i-0-vuch xa l-a-k'ob-e maryan
ah but 3E-agency CP-3A-blister already CP-2E-arm,hand-CL Mariano
Ah, but your hand has a blister, Mariano."

Line 46
yiyil mu xa xa`abtej
yiyil mu xa x-a-`abtej
never_mind NEG already ASP-2A-work
Never mind, don't work anymore."

Line 47
mas lek sutikotik ta na
mas lek sut-ik-otik ta na
more good return-SUBJ-1APLI PREP house
We'd better return to the house."

Line 48
ti k'alal isutik ta nae chlo`ilajik ech'el ta be
ti k'alal i-0-sut-ik ta na-e ch-0-lo`ilaj-ik ech'el ta be
ART(remote) when CP-3A-return-PL PREP house-CL ICP-3A-converse-PL away(DIR) PREP path
As they went back to the house, they talked on the path.

Line 49
romin k'u ora atz'unoj lachobe
romin k'u ora a-tz'un-oj l-a-chob-e
Domingo what hour 2E-plant-PF CP-2E-cornfield-CL
Domingo, when did you plant your cornfield?"

Line 50
ta avril ikav
ta avril i-k-av
PREP April CP-1E-plant
I planted it in April."

Line 51
alavie ja` to ba ak'in yolel chkak'be
alavie ja` to ba ak'in yolel ch-k-ak'-be
now ! still face,top weeding in_progress ICP-1E-give-BEN
What I'm doing now is still the first weeding."

Line 52
ta to xkak'inta otro j`ech'el ta slajeb julyo
ta to x-k-ak'inta otro j-`ech'el ta s-lajeb julyo
ICP still ASP-1E-to_weed other one-NC(time) PREP 3E-end July
I still have to weed it again at the end of July."

Line 53
skwenta cha`lom ak'in
s-kwenta cha`-lom ak'in
3E-for two-NC(group) weeding
For the second weeding."

Line 54
aa k'u yu`un chavak'inta to otro j`ech'el
aa k'u y-u`un ch-av-ak'inta to otro j-`ech'el
yes what 3E-agency ICP-2E-to_weed still other one-NC(time)
Oh, why do you weed it another time?"

Line 55
yu`un chch'i tal ta ora otro j`ech'el li tz'i`lele
y-u`un ch-0-ch'i tal ta ora otro j-`ech'el li tz'i`lel-e
3E-agency ICP-3A-grow DIR(coming) PREP now other one-NC(time) ART weed-CL
Because the weeds will grow back right away."

Line 56
yech'o ti tzk'an ak'intael chib bwelta une
yech'o ti ta-s-k'an ak'intael chib bwelta un-e
therefore CONJ ICP-3E-want weeding two time PT-CL
That's why it needs weeding two times."

Line 57
k'u yepal atz'unoj lachobe romin
k'u y-epal a-tz'un-oj l-a-chob-e romin
what 3E-quantity 2E-plant-PF CP-2E-cornfield-CL Domingo
How much corn did you plant, Domingo?"

Line 58
kavoj nan jun almul
k-av-oj nan jun almul
1E-plant-PF perhaps one almud
I planted about one almud."

Line 59
bweno k'u yepal chlok' ixim ta jun almul
bweno k'u y-epal ch-0-lok' ixim ta jun almul
good what 3E-quantity ICP-3A-exit corn PREP one almud
How much corn will you get from one almud

Line 60
atz'unoj lachobe
a-tz'un-oj l-a-chob-e
2E-plant-PF CP-2E-cornfield-CL
of corn that you planted?"

Line 61
bweno jna`tik
bweno j-na`-tik
good 1E-know-PL
Well, who knows?"

Line 62
k'alal lek jabile xlok' nan vo`ob janika
k'alal lek jabil-e x-0-lok' nan vo`-ob janika
when good year-CL ASP-3A-exit perhaps five-GC fanega
When it's a good year, you might get five fanegas."

Line 63
pero k'alal chopol jabile ja` no`ox chanib
pero k'alal chopol jabil-e ja` no`ox chan-ib
but when bad year-CL ! only four-GC
But if it's a bad year, only four

Line 64
janika xlok'
janika x-0-lok'
fanega ASP-3A-exit
fanegas will it yield."

Line 65
bweno maryan li`otik xa ta uk'ume
bweno maryan li`-otik xa ta uk'um-e
good Mariano here/this-1APLI already PREP river-CL
Well, Mariano, here we are at the creek."

Line 66
poko li yach'elal avoke
pok-o li y-ach'elal av-ok-e
rinse_exterior-IMP ART 3E-mud 2E-foot,leg-CL
Rinse the mod from your feet."

Line 67
bweno ta jpok
bweno ta j-pok
good ICP 1E-rinse_exterior
OK, I'll rinse them."


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