Line 1
ali mikele ibatik ta chamu` xchu`uk yajnil
ali mikel -e i -0 -bat-ik ta chamu` x -chi`uk y -ajnil
uh Miguel-CL CP-3A-go -PL PREP Chamula ASP-with 3E-wife
Mikel and his wife went to Chamula.

Line 2
ali yajnile ba xchon vaj ali mikele ba sman tal svob
ali y -ajnil-e ba x -s -chon vaj ali mikel -e ba s -man tal s -vob
ART 3E-wife -CL go(AUX) ASP-3E-sell tortilla ART Miguel-CL go(AUX) 3E-buy DIR(coming) 3E-music
The wife went to sell tortillas; Mikel went to buy a musical instrument.

Line 3
ik'otik ta chamu` un
i -0 -k'ot -ik ta chamu` un
CP-3A-arrive-PL PREP Chamula PT
They arrived in Chamula.

Line 4
ik'ot ssa` xchotlebik ti bu xu` xchon vaj ti
i -0 -k'ot s -sa` x -chotleb-ik ti bu x -0 -yu` x -s -chon vaj ti
CP-3A-arrive 3E-search ASP-seat -PL ART(remote) where ASP-3A-be_able ASP-3E-sell tortilla ART(remote)
They arrived to look for a place to sit where Mikel's wife could sell tortillas.

Line 5
yajnil mikel une
y -ajnil mikel un-e
3E-wife Miguel PT-CL
(Mikel's wife).

Line 6
bu chak'an chachoti
bu ch -a -k'an ch -a -choti
where ICP-2E-want ICP-2A-sit_down
"Where do you want to sit down?"

Line 7
xut yajnil ti mikel une
x -y -ut y -ajnil ti mikel un-e
ASP-3E-tell/scold 3E-wife ART(remote) Miguel PT-CL
said Miguel to his wife.

Line 8
le` chichoti yo`o yan antzetike
le` ch -i -choti yo`o yan antz -etik-e
there ICP-1A-sit_down in_order_that other woman-PL -CL
"I'll sit there where the other women are,"

Line 9
xi li yajnil mikel une
xi li y -ajnil mikel un-e
say ART 3E-wife Miguel PT-CL
said Miguel's wife.

Line 10
bweno batik che`e xi li mikel une
bweno bat-tik che`e xi li mikel un-e
good go -PL then say ART Miguel PT-CL
"OK, let's go," said Miguel.

Line 11
ibatik xchu`uk li yajnil une
i -0 -bat-ik x -chi`uk li y -ajnil un-e
CP-3A-go -PL ASP-with ART 3E-wife PT-CL
He and his wife went there.

Line 12
ba skomes ti yo`o yan antzetik chchon vaje
ba s -komes ti yo`o yan antz -etik ch -s -chon vaj -e
go(AUX) 3E-leave ART(remote) in_order_that other woman-PL ICP-3E-sell tortilla-CL
He went to leave here where the other women were selling tortillas.

Line 13
bweno li`uk chono lavot une
bweno li` -uk chon-o l -av-ot un-e
good here/this-IRREAL sell-IMP ART-2E-tortilla PT-CL
"Ok, sell your tortillas here, then.

Line 14
yu`un chba jk'el mi o chtal ti ulo` yajval vobe
y -u`un ch -ba j -k'el mi oy ch -0 -tal ti ulo` y -ajval vob -e
3E-agency ICP-go(AUX) 1E-look Q/or exist ICP-3A-come ART(remote) visitor 3E-lord music-CL
"Because I'm going to have a look whether the Chamula who sells instruments is coming."

Line 15
xut yajnil ti mikel une
x -y -ut y -ajnil ti mikel un-e
ASP-3E-tell 3E-wife ART(remote) Miguel PT-CL
Miguel tells his wife.

Line 16
te ta jchon
te ta j -chon
there ICP 1E-sell
"I'll sell them.

Line 17
ba k'elo kik mi o chtal
ba k'el-o kik mi oy ch -0 -tal
go(AUX) look-IMP perhaps Q/or exist ICP-3A-come
"Go look and see if he's come, perhaps."

Line 18
xi li yajnil ti mikel une
xi li y -ajnil ti mikel un-e
say ART 3E-wife ART(remote) Miguel PT-CL
says Miguel's wife.

Line 19
ibat sk'el mi oy chtal yajval svob ti mikel une
i -0 -bat s -k'el mi oy ch -0 -tal y -ajval s -vob ti mikel un-e
CP-3A-go 3E-look Q/or exist ICP-3A-come 3E-lord 3E-music ART(remote) Miguel PT-CL
Miguel went to see if the instrument-seller had come.

Line 20
ital ti yajval svob une
i -0 -tal ti y -ajval s -vob un-e
CP-3A-come ART(remote) 3E-lord 3E-music PT-CL
The owner of the instruments had come.

Line 21
yich'oj tal vobetik ti ulo` une
y -ich' -oj tal vob -etik ti ulo` un-e
3E-receive-PF DIR(coming) music-PL ART(remote) visitor PT-CL
The Chamula had brought his instruments.

Line 22
ba sjak' k'u cha`al stojol ti mikel une
ba s -jak' k'u cha`al s -tojol ti mikel un-e
go(AUX) 3E-ask what way 3E-payment ART(remote) Miguel PT-CL
Miguel went to ask how much they cost.

Line 23
mi latal xa ulo` xi ti mikel une
mi l -a -tal xa ulo` xi ti mikel un-e
Q/or CP-2A-come already visitor say ART(remote) Miguel PT-CL
"Have you come now, neighbor?" said Miguel.

Line 24
lital xa ulo`
l -i -tal xa ulo`
CP-1A-come already visitor
"I have come, neighbor.

Line 25
mi nax lavul li vo`ote ulo`
mi nax l -a -vul li vo`ot-e ulo`
Q/or earlier_today CP-2A-arrive_here(dial.) ART you -CL visitor
"Did you arrive earlier, neighbor?"

Line 26
xi ti ulo` une
xi ti ulo` un-e
say ART(remote) visitor PT-CL
Said the Chamula.

Line 27
mo`oj jlikel to jyulel uk
mo`oj j -likel to j -yulel uk
no one-NC(moment) still 1E-arriving_here also
"No I just arrived a moment ago as well.

Line 28
mi ital ti jvobe xi ti mikel une
mi i -0 -tal ti j -vob -e xi ti mikel un-e
Q/or CP-3A-come ART(remote) 1E-music-CL say ART(remote) Miguel PT-CL
"Has my instrument come?" said Miguel.

Line 29
ital ulo`
i -0 -tal ulo`
CP-3A-come visitor
"It came, neighbor.

Line 30
mi chak'elavi s`elan xi ti ulo` une
mi ch -a -k'el-av-il ch -0 -`elan xi ti ulo` un-e
Q/or ICP-2E-look-2E-see ICP-3A-be say ART(remote) visitor PT-CL
"Will you have a look how it is?" said the Chamula.

Line 31
ta jk'el kik k'u x`elan xi ti mikel une
ta j -k'el kik k'u x -0 -`elan xi ti mikel un-e
ICP 1E-look perhaps what ASP-3A-be say ART(remote) Miguel PT-CL
"Let me have a look how it is," said Miguel.

Line 32
isk'el ixchap ti vob une
i -s -k'el i -s -chap ti vob un-e
CP-3E-look CP-3E-prepare ART(remote) music PT-CL
He looked at the instrument, and tuned it up.

Line 33
ti k'alal ilaj sk'el ti vob une
ti k'alal i -0 -laj s -k'el ti vob un-e
ART(remote) when CP-3A-finish 3E-look ART(remote) music PT-CL
When he finished looking at the instrument

Line 34
isjak' k'u cha`al stojol un
i -s -jak' k'u cha`al s -tojol un
CP-3E-ask what way 3E-payment PT
he asked how much it cost.

Line 35
k'u cha`al chavak'bon ulo`
k'u cha`al ch -av-ak' -b -on ulo`
what way ICP-2E-give-BEN-1A visitor
"How much will you give it to me for, neighbor?

Line 36
chopoltik no`ox chka`i une
chopol-tik no`ox ch -k -a`i un-e
bad -PL only ICP-1E-hear PT-CL
"It seems somewhat bad to me.

Line 37
mu xal lek son xi ti mikel une
mu x -y -al lek son xi ti mikel un-e
NEG ASP-3E-say good tune say ART(remote) Miguel PT-CL
"It doesn't play well," said Miguel.

Line 38
jna`tik mi xu` chava`i lajuneb xcha`vinik pexu
j -na` -tik mi x -0 -yu` ch -av-a`i lajun-eb x -cha`-vinik pexu
1E-know-PL Q/or ASP-3A-be_able ICP-2E-hear ten -GC ASP-two -NC(twenty) peso
"Who knows if you will accept thirty pesos,"

Line 39
xi ti ulo` une
xi ti ulo` un-e
say ART(remote) visitor PT-CL
said the Chamula.

Line 40
kere k'u ma yu`un ti toj mas toyol stojol
kere k'u ma y -u`un ti toj mas toyol s -tojol
boy what desid_(Q) 3E-agency CONJ too_much more high 3E-payment
"Boy, why so terribly expensive

Line 41
chak'anbe une ulo`
ch -a -k'an-be un-e ulo`
ICP-2E-want-BEN PT-CL visitor
a price are you asking, neighbor?

Line 42
pero ti mu xal lek son lavob une
pero ti mu x -y -al lek son l -a -vob un-e
but CONJ NEG ASP-3E-say good tune CP-2E-music PT-CL
"But your instrument doesn't play well,"

Line 43
xi ti mikel une
xi ti mikel un-e
say ART(remote) Miguel PT-CL
said Miguel.

Line 44
pero k'u xa onox s`elan chak'an
pero k'u xa onox ch -0 -`elan ch -a -k'an
but what already nonetheless ICP-3A-be ICP-2E-want
"But whatever do you want?

Line 45
ti lek jmeltzanoj tal li vob une xi ti ulo` une
ti lek j -meltzan -oj tal li vob un-e xi ti ulo` un-e
CONJ good 1E-fix,make-PF DIR(coming) ART music PT-CL say ART(remote) visitor PT-CL
"I have made a very good one," said the Chamula.

Line 46
pero muk' bu mas lek
pero muk' bu mas lek
but NEG where more good
"But it isn't very good.

Line 47
jutuk no`ox xtoy snuk' une
jutuk no`ox x -0 -toy s -nuk' un-e
a_bit only ASP-3A-raise 3E-neck PT-CL
"It only plays a little loud,"

Line 48
xi ti mikel une
xi ti mikel un-e
say ART(remote) Miguel PT-CL
said Miguel.

Line 49
bweno te k'alal timi mu xak'ane ulo`
bweno te k'alal timi mu x -a -k'an-e ulo`
good there towards if NEG ASP-2E-want-CL visitor
"Well, never mind if you don't want it, neighbor.

Line 50
ba sa`o ta yan mi o bu xata mas lek
ba sa` -o ta yan mi oy bu x -a -ta mas lek
go(AUX) search-IMP PREP other Q/or exist where ASP-2E-find more good
"Go look elsewhere, if there is somewehere else you can find one.

Line 51
chtal yan yajval li jvobe xi ti ulo` une
ch -0 -tal yan y -ajval li j -vob -e xi ti ulo` un-e
ICP-3A-come other 3E-lord ART 1E-music-CL say ART(remote) visitor PT-CL
"Other buyers for my instruments will come," said the Chamula.

Line 52
bweno mi chavak'bon ta jtob pexu che`e chkich'
bweno mi ch -av-ak' -b -on ta j -tob pexu che`e ch -k -ich'
good Q/or ICP-2E-give-BEN-1A PREP one-NC(twenty) peso then ICP-1E-receive
"OK, if you'll sell it to me for twnety pesos, I'll take it,

Line 53
timi mu xavak'e teuk chono ta yan
timi mu x -av-ak' -e te -uk chon-o ta yan
if NEG ASP-2E-give-CL there-IRREAL sell-IMP PREP other
"If you won't give it for that, OK, sell it to someone else

Line 54
mi o much'u stoj taj lajuneb xcha`vinik chavale
mi oy much'u i -s -toj taj lajun-eb x -cha`-vinik ch -av-al -e
Q/or exist who CP-3E-pay_for that ten -GC ASP-two -NC(twenty) ICP-2E-say-CL
"If anyone will pay the thirty pesos you're asking.

Line 55
li vo`one yu`un mu jtoj yech taj lajuneb
li vo`on-e y -u`un mu j -toj yech taj lajun-eb
ART I -CL 3E-agency NEG 1E-pay_for thus that ten -GC
"As for me, I won't pay that much,

Line 56
xcha`vinik chavale
x -cha`-vinik ch -av-al -e
ASP-two -NC(twenty) ICP-2E-say-CL
"the thirty you're asking."

Line 57
ja` no`ox jtob chajtojbe timi xavak' yeche
ja` no`ox j -tob ch -a -j -toj -be timi x -av-ak' yech-e
! only one-NC(twenty) ICP-2A-1E-pay_for-BEN if ASP-2E-give thus-CL
"I'll only pay twenty, if you'll give it for that,"

Line 58
xi ti mikel une
xi ti mikel un-e
say ART(remote) Miguel PT-CL
said Miguel.

Line 59
mo`oj ulo`
mo`oj ulo`
no visitor
"No, neighbor.

Line 60
teuk komeso timi mu xak'ane
te -uk komes-o timi mu x -a -k'an-e
there-IRREAL leave-IMP if NEG ASP-2E-want-CL
"Just leave it there if you don't want it.

Line 61
ba sa`o ta yan mi o bu xata mas yaleme
ba sa` -o ta yan mi oy bu x -a -ta mas yal -em-e
go(AUX) search-IMP PREP other Q/or exist where ASP-2E-find more descend-PF-CL
"Go look elswhere, if there's somewhere you can find it cheaper,"

Line 62
xi ti ulo` une kapem xa un
xi ti ulo` un-e kap -em xa un
say ART(remote) visitor PT-CL get_angry-PF already PT
said the Chamula, who was now angry.

Line 63
bweno li` ta jkomese
bweno li` ta j -komes-e
good here/this ICP 1E-leave-CL
"OK, I'll leave it here.

Line 64
nopo mi xavak' yech taj ta jtobe
nop -o mi x -av-ak' yech taj ta j -tob -e
think-IMP Q/or ASP-2E-give thus that PREP 1E-NC(twenty)-CL
"Decide whether you'll sell it for twenty.

Line 65
tey xavalbon ta jlikel xi ti mikel une
tey x -av-al -b -on ta j -likel xi ti mikel un-e
there ASP-2E-say-BEN-1A PREP one-NC(moment) say ART(remote) Miguel PT-CL
"You can tell me in a little while," said Miguel.

Line 66
iskomes ti vob une
i -s -komes ti vob un-e
CP-3E-leave ART(remote) music PT-CL
He left the instrument.

Line 67
ibat un
i -0 -bat un
CP-3A-go PT
He left.

Line 68
ba yuch'ik yakil vo` xchu`uk yan yamiko un
ba y -uch' -ik yakil vo` x -chi`uk yan y -amiko un
go(AUX) 3E-drink-PL inebriating water ASP-with other 3E-friend PT
He went to drink chicha with some other friends.

Line 69
ta mas tz'akal un ba xcha`k'opon ulo` ti mikel une
ta mas tz'akal un ba s -cha`-k'opon ulo` ti mikel un-e
PREP more afterwards PT go(AUX) 3E-two -speak_to visitor ART(remote) Miguel PT-CL
Later, Miguel went to speak to the Chamula again.

Line 70
bweno mi o anop mi chavak'bon ta jtob lavob une ulo`
bweno mi oy a -nop mi ch -av-ak' -b -on ta j -tob l -a -vob un-e ulo`
good Q/or exist 2E-think Q/or ICP-2E-give-BEN-1A PREP one-NC(twenty) CP-2E-music PT-CL visitor
"Well, have you decided whether you'll sell me for twenty your neighbor?"

Line 71
yu`un chisut xa ta jna xi ti mikel une
y -u`un ch -i -sut xa ta j -na xi ti mikel un-e
3E-agency ICP-1A-return already PREP 1E-house say ART(remote) Miguel PT-CL
"Because I'm returning home now," said Miguel.

Line 72
bweno timi chak'an chaman avobe ulo` chakak'be ta vo`ob xcha`vinik
bweno timi ch -a -k'an ch -a -man a -vob -e ulo` ch -a -k -ak' -be ta vo` -ob x -cha`-vinik
good if ICP-2E-want ICP-2E-buy 2E-music-CL visitor ICP-2A-1E-give-BEN PREP five-GC ASP-two -NC(twenty)
"If you want to buy your instrument, neighbor, I'll give it to you--for twenty-five."

Line 73
yan ti ta jtobe mu xkak' xi ti ulo` une
yan ti ta j -tob -e mu x -k -ak' xi ti ulo` un-e
other CONJ PREP 1E-NC(twenty)-CL NEG ASP-1E-give say ART(remote) visitor PT-CL
"But for twenty, I won't sell it," said the Chamula.

Line 74
bweno ta jtoj jtob xchi`uk chib che`e ulo`
bweno ta j -toj j -tob x -chi`uk chib che`e ulo`
good ICP 1E-pay_for one-NC(twenty) ASP-with two then visitor
"OK, I'll pay twenty-two, neighbor.

Line 75
mi chavak'bon yech xi ti mikel une
mi ch -av-ak' -b -on yech xi ti mikel un-e
Q/or ICP-2E-give-BEN-1A thus say ART(remote) Miguel PT-CL
"If you'll sell it for that," said Miguel.

Line 76
bweno te k'alal ich'o che`e ulo`
bweno te k'alal ich' -o che`e ulo`
good there towards receive-IMP then visitor
"Well, never mind, take it, then, neighbor

Line 77
yu`un chisut xa ta jna ek
y -u`un ch -i -sut xa ta j -na ek
3E-agency ICP-1A-return already PREP 1E-house also
"Because I'm returning to my home, too.

Line 78
pero mi chavak'bon to jset'uk jvokaro pox un
pero mi ch -av-ak' -b -on to j -set' -uk j -vokaro pox un
but Q/or ICP-2E-give-BEN-1A still one-NC(pinch)-IRREAL 1E-mouthful liquor PT
"But you'll give me a little drink of corn liquor, then."

Line 79
xi ti ulo` une
xi ti ulo` un-e
say ART(remote) visitor PT-CL
said the Chamula.

Line 80
bweno stak' chakak'be
bweno s -tak' ch -a -k -ak' -be
good 3E-answer ICP-2A-1E-give-BEN
"Werll, alright. I'll give it to you.

Line 81
chba jsa` tal o`loluk litro xi ti mikel une
ch -ba j -sa` tal o`lol-uk litro xi ti mikel un-e
ICP-go(AUX) 1E-search DIR(coming) half -IRREAL liter say ART(remote) Miguel PT-CL
"I'll go bring a half litre," said Miguel.

Line 82
iyuch'ik pox un
i -y -uch' -ik pox un
CP-3E-drink-PL liquor PT
They drank cane liquor.

Line 83
ilaj o un
i -0 -laj o un
CP-3A-finish REL PT
That's where it ends.


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