Line 1
ali xun jvabajome chlo`ilaj ta mexa tzna martomorey
ali xun jvabajom-e ch -0 -lo`ilaj ta mexa ta -s -na martomorey
uh John musician-CL ICP-3A-converse PREP table PREP-3E-house royal_steward
John the Musician is conversing during a meal at the house of the royal steward.

Line 2
martomorey mi ja` yot jlekom la li` ta jve`bee
martomorey mi ja` y -ot j -lekom la li` ta j -ve`-be -e
royal_steward Q/or ! 3E-tortilla 1E-sweetheart QUOT here/this ICP 1E-eat-BEN-CL
Steward, is this my sweetheart's tortilla that I'm eating here?

Line 3
k'u x`elan chava`i
k'u x -0 -`elan ch -av-a`i
what ASP-3A-be ICP-2E-hear
What makes you think so?

Line 4
yu`un batz'i mu tajmek chka`i li yote
y -u`un batz'i mu ta -j -mek ch -k -a`i li y -ot -e
3E-agency real tasty PREP-one-NC(time) ICP-1E-hear ART 3E-tortilla-CL
Because I think her tortillas are very delicious.

Line 5
ja` ja` yot
ja` ja` y -ot
! ! 3E-tortilla
Yes, yes it's her tortilla.

Line 6
mi mas to mu chava`i
mi mas to mu ch -av-a`i
Q/or more still tasty ICP-2E-hear
Do you think it's more delicious?

Line 7
mi ma`uk yech smuil k'u cha`al xave` ta anae
mi mu -ja`-uk yech s -muil k'u cha`al x -a -ve` ta a -na -e
Q/or NEG-! -IRREAL thus 3E-taste what way ASP-2E-eat PREP 2E-house-CL
Doesn't it have the same taste as those you eat in your house?

Line 8
ma`uk yech
mu -ja`-uk yech
NEG-! -IRREAL thus
It's not the same.

Line 9
mas to mu li`e
mas to mu li` -e
more still tasty here/this-CL
This one is much more tasty.

Line 10
yu`nan ja` li mas leklek sba li much'u spak'anoj li vaje
yu` -nan ja` li mas leklek s -ba li much'u s -pak'an-oj li vaj -e
because-perhaps ! ART more good+REDUP 3E-face,top ART who 3E-pat -PF ART tortilla-CL
Perhaps it's because she is more beautiful, the one who patted this tortilla.

Line 11
jak'bo ka`tik mi mu sk'an xba spak'an vaj ta jna
jak'-b -o k -a`i -tik mi mu s -k'an x -ba s -pak'an vaj ta j -na
ask -BEN-IMP 1E-hear-PL Q/or NEG 3E-want ASP-go(AUX) 3E-pat tortilla PREP 1E-house
Ask her if she doesn't want to go pat tortillas in my house.

Line 12
k'u yu`un ti mu xajak'be li vo`ote
k'u y -u`un ti mu x -a -jak'-be li vo`ot-e
what 3E-agency CONJ NEG ASP-2E-ask -BEN ART you -CL
Why don't you ask her yourself?

Line 13
min chaxi` o
mi -y -u`un ch -a -xi` o
Q/or-3E-agency ICP-2A-be_afraid REL
Are you afraid of her?

Line 14
muk' bu chixi` o
muk' bu ch -i -xi` o
NEG where ICP-1A-be_afraid REL
I'm not afraid of her.

Line 15
pero yu`un jna`tik mi xistak'be
pero y -u`un j -na` -tik mi x -i -s -tak' -be
but 3E-agency 1E-know-PL Q/or ASP-1A-3E-answer-BEN
But who knows if she will answer me.

Line 16
ja` li mu xiyojtikine
ja` li mu x -i -y -ojtikin -e
! ART NEG ASP-1A-3E-recognize-CL
since she doesn't know me.

Line 17
pero li vo`ot lek xayojtikine
pero li vo`ot lek x -a -y -ojtikin -e
but ART you good ASP-2A-3E-recognize-CL
But you know her well.

Line 18
yech'o xu` xajak'be mi sk'an xbat ta jnae
yech'o x -0 -yu` x -a -jak'-be mi s -k'an x -0 -bat ta j -na -e
therefore ASP-3A-be_able ASP-2E-ask -BEN Q/or 3E-want ASP-3A-go PREP 1E-house-CL
So you can ask her if she wants to go to my house.

Line 19
pero yu`un chaxi` o
pero y -u`un ch -a -xi` o
but 3E-agency ICP-2A-be_afraid REL
But you ARE afraid.

Line 20
yech'o ti mu xak'an xajak'be
yech'o ti mu x -a -k'an x -a -jak'-be
therefore CONJ NEG ASP-2E-want ASP-2E-ask -BEN
That's why you don't want to ask her.

Line 21
mo`oj ya`el muk' bu chixi` o
mo`oj ya`el muk' bu ch -i -xi` o
no it_seems NEG where ICP-1A-be_afraid REL
No indeed, I'm not afraid.

Line 22
pero ti vinikone
pero ti vinik-on-e
but CONJ man -1A-CL
After all, I'm a man!

Line 23
vinikot yilel
vinik-ot y -ilel
man -2A 3E-seeing
Apparently you are a man.

Line 24
pero chaxi` tzk'oponel li tzebetike
pero ch -a -xi` ta -s -k'oponel li tzeb-etik-e
but ICP-2A-be_afraid PREP-3E-speaking ART girl-PL -CL
But you're afriad to talk to girls.

Line 25
tztze`inik skotolik un
ta -s -tze`in s -kotol-ik un
ICP-3E-laugh 3E-all -PL PT
Everybody laughs.


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