Line 1
xun pavlu iyil sbaik ta k'in
xun pavlu i -y -il s -ba -ik ta k'in
John Paul CP-3E-see 3E-self-PL PREP fiesta
John and Paul see each other at a fiesta.

Line 2
k'uxi pavlu mi ja` to yechot
k'usi-xi pavlu mi ja` to yech-ot
what -say Paul Q/or ! still thus-2A
Howdy, Paul, are you OK?

Line 3
mu k'uxi ja` to yechon
mu k'usi-xi ja` to yech-on
NEG what -say ! still thus-1A
Hi, I'm OK.

Line 4
k'u xa`elan li vo`ote
k'u x -a -`elan li vo`ot-e
what ASP-2A-be ART you -CL
And how are you?

Line 5
yos li vo`one ipon
yos li vo`on-e ip -on
God ART I -CL sick-1A
God, I'm sick.

Line 6
k'usi ip chava`i
k'usi ip ch -av-a`i
what sick ICP-2E-hear
What's wrong with you?

Line 7
jna`tik min ijta ak'ben chamel ta jch'ut
j -na` -tik mi -y -u`un i -j -ta ak'ben chamel ta j -ch'ut
1E-know-PL Q/or-3E-agency CP-1E-find given sickness PREP 1E-stomach
Who knows if I have been wiotched in the stomach.

Line 8
yu`un batz'i k'ux tajmek
y -u`un batz'i k'ux ta -j -mek
3E-agency real pain PREP-one-NC(time)
because it really hurts.

Line 9
kiluk ko`on jsa` j`ilol tana
k -il -uk k -o`on j -sa` j`ilol tana
1E-see-IRREAL 1E-heart 1E-search curer afterwards
I want to look for a curer later on.

Line 10
pero batz'i ch'abal jtak'in un
pero batz'i ch'abal j -tak'in un
but real none 1E-money PT
But I really have no money.

Line 11
mi mu xa`abulaj xajch'amunbe to atak'in jayibuk k'ak'al
mi mu x -a -`abulaj x -a -j -ch'amun-be to a -tak'in jayib -uk k'ak'al
Q/or NEG ASP-2A-please ASP-2A-1E-borrow -BEN still 2E-money how_many-IRREAL day
Wouldn't you please loan me some money for a few days?

Line 12
pero ch'abal jtak'in lavie
pero ch'abal j -tak'in lavi-e
but none 1E-money now -CL
But I don't have any money now.

Line 13
ja` li ilaj to ku`un lavi ta k'ine
ja` li i -0 -laj to k -u`un lavi ta k'in -e
! ART CP-3A-finish still 1E-possession now PREP fiesta-CL
It's all been used up today at the fiesta.

Line 14
abulajan pavlu
abulaj-an pavlu
suffer-2APSUBJ Paul
Please, Paul!

Line 15
mu epuk ta jk'an
mu ep -uk ta j -k'an
NEG much-IRREAL ICP 1E-want
I don't want much.

Line 16
ta jk'an no`ox jtobuk pexu
ta j -k'an no`ox j -tob -uk pexu
ICP 1E-want only one-NC(twenty)-IRREAL peso
I only want twenty pesos.

Line 17
ak'o pertonal batz'i jset' tajmek kunen sikil a`al li` kich'oj tale
ak' -o pertonal batz'i j -set' ta -j -mek k -unen sikil a`al li` k -ich' -oj tal -e
give-IMP pardon real one-NC(pinch) PREP-one-NC(time) 1E-small cold water here/this 1E-receive-PF DIR(coming)-CL
Please pardon just a little bit of my cold water that I have brought with me.

Line 18
pero jna`tik mi xlok' to jtob pexu
pero j -na` -tik mi x -0 -lok' to j -tob pexu
but 1E-know-PL Q/or ASP-3A-exit still one-NC(twenty) peso
But who knows if I still have twenty pesos.

Line 19
ta jk'el kik ba`yuk
ta j -k'el kik ba`yi-uk
ICP 1E-look perhaps first-IRREAL
Let me look first.

Line 20
abulajan k'elo kik che`e
abulaj-an k'el-o kik che`e
suffer-2APSUBJ look-IMP perhaps then
Please, have a look then.

Line 21
ilok' to o ich'o
i -0 -lok' to o ich' -o
CP-3A-exit still REL receive-IMP
I still have that much; take it.

Line 22
bweno abulajan che`e pavlu
bweno abulaj-an che`e pavlu
good suffer-2APSUBJ then Paul
Ok, please, Paul.

Line 23
ch'ambon batz'i jset' tajmek kunen sikil a`al
ch'am -b -on batz'i j -set' ta -j -mek k -unen sikil a`al
receive-BEN-1A real one-NC(pinch) PREP-one-NC(time) 1E-small cold water
Receive a bit of my cold water.


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