Line 1
ali mol petule chve` xchi`uk skumpare palas
ali mol petul-e ch-0-ve` x-chi`uk s-kumpare palas
uh old_man Peter-CL ICP-3A-eat ASP-with 3E-compadre Francisco
Mr. Pedro eats with his compadre Francisco.

Line 2
julavan me kumpare
julav-an me kumpare
arise-2APSUBJ DESID compadre
Wake up, compadre.

Line 3
yu`un ta jve`tik junuk vaj
y-u`un ta j-ve`-tik jun-uk vaj
3E-agency ICP 1E-eat-PL one-IRREAL tortilla
Let's have a bite to eat.

Line 4
bweno chijulav xa kumpare
bweno ch-i-julav xa kumpare
good ICP-1A-arise already compadre
OK, I'm getting up, compadre.

Line 5
mi chak'an vo` kumpare
mi ch-a-k'an vo` kumpare
Q ICP-2E-want water compadre
Would you like some water, compadre?

Line 6
ak'bon jset'uk kumale
ak'-b-on j-set'-uk kumale
give-BEN-1A one-NC(pinch)-IRREAL comadre
Give me a little bit, comadre.

Line 7
ali` me li vo` `une kumpare
ali` me li vo` `un-e kumpare
here DESID ART water CL-CL compadre
Here is the water, compadre.

Line 8
mi chapok ak'obe
mi ta-x-a-pok a-k'ob-e
Q ICP-ASP-2E-rinse_exterior 2E-arm,hand-CL
Will you rinse your hands?

Line 9
kolaval kumale
vokol-av-al kumale
difficult-2E-say comadre
Thank you, comadre.

Line 10
li` me laboch `une kumale
li` me l-a-boch `un-e kumale
here DESID CP-2E-bowl CL-CL comadre
Here's your bowl,comadre.

Line 11
yechuk kumpare
yech-uk kumpare
thus-IRREAL compadre
OK, compadre.

Line 12
mi cha`atin to li vo`ote
mi ta-x-a-`atin to li vo`ot-e
Q ICP-ASP-2A-wash still ART you-CL
Do you still want to wash?

Line 13
mo`oj xu` no`ox chk li`e
mo`oj x-0-yu` no`ox chk li`-e
no ASP-3A-be_able only like this-CL
No, I'm alright this way.

Line 14
mi chave`ik che`e
mi ch-a-ve`-ik che`e
Q/or ICP-2A-eat-PL then
Will you eat, then?

Line 15
mi chkak' tal ave`elike
mi ch-k-ak' tal a-ve`el-ik-e
Q/or ICP-1E-give DIR(coming) 2E-food-PL-CL
Shall I serve out your food?

Line 16
We will eat.

Line 17
ak'o tal
ak'-o tal
give-IMP DIR(coming)
Serve it out.

Line 18
kumpare och`ochan me tal li` ta ti` k'ok'e
kumpare och`och-an me tal li` ta ti` k'ok'-e
compadre enter_a_bit-2APSUBJ DESID DIR(coming) here/this PREP mouth fire-CL
Compadre, move in a bit closer to the edge of the fire.

Line 19
yu`un ta jve`tik junuk vaj
y-u`un ta j-ve`-tik jun-uk vaj
3E-agency ICP 1E-eat-PL one-IRREAL tortilla
So we can have a bite to eat,

Line 20
bweno yechuk kumpare kolaval
bweno yech-uk kumpare vokol-av-al
good thus-IRREAL compadre difficult-2E-say
OK, thanks, compadre.

Line 21
li` me lave`elike
li` me l-a-ve`el-ik-e
here/this DESID CP-2E-food-PL-CL
Here is your food.

Line 22
mu jna` mi xak'an xati` chenek' kumpare
mu j-na` mi x-a-k'an x-a-ti` chenek' kumpare
NEG 1E-know Q/or ASP-2E-want ASP-2E-bite bean compadre
I don't know if you want to eat beans, compadre.

Line 23
mu jna` mi xak'an xalo` itaj
mu j-na` mi x-a-k'an x-a-lo` itaj
NEG 1E-know Q/or ASP-2E-want ASP-2E-mash greens
I don't know if you want to eat greens.

Line 24
yu`un batz'i mu k'u xakak'be yan
y-u`un batz'i mu k'u x-a-k-ak'-be yan
3E-agency real NEG what ASP-2A-1E-give-BEN other
Because I really have nothing else to give you.

Line 25
jna` onox slajesel skotol kumpare
j-na` onox s-lajes-el s-kotol kumpare
1E-know nonetheless 3E-finish-NOM 3E-all compadre
I am glad to eat anything, compadre.

Line 26
mu k'u xal avo`on
mu k'u x-y-al av-o`on
NEG what ASP-3E-say 2E-heart
Don't worry about it.

Line 27
mi chavuch' jset'uk kajve kumpare
mi ch-av-uch' j-set'-uk kajve kumpare
Q ICP-2E-drink one-NC(pinch)-IRREAL coffee compadre
Will you drink a bit of coffee, compadre?

Line 28
batz'i kolaval kumale
batz'i vokol-av-al kumale
real difficult-2E-say comadre
Thank you very much, comadre.

Line 29
mi chak'ux jch'ixuk ajan kumpare
mi ch-a-k'ux j-ch'ix-uk ajan kumpare
Q/or ICP-2E-crunch 1E-NC(long)-IRREAL elote compadre
Will you eat an ear of corn, compadre?

Line 30
kolaval kumpare
vokol-av-al kumpare
difficult-2E-say compadre
Thank you, comapdre.

Line 31
mi o me chak'uxik un
mi oy me ch-a-k'ux-ik un
Q/or exist DESID ICP-2E-crunch-PL PT
Is there some for you all to eat?

Line 32
oy kumpare
oy kumpare
exist compadre
There is, compadre.

Line 33
k'uxan me
k'ux-an me
Go ahead and eat.

Line 34
mi xana` xalek' o atz'am
mi x-a-na` x-a-lek' o atz'am
Q/or ASP-2E-know ASP-2E-lick REL salt
Do you take salt with it?

Line 35
jna` kumpare kolaval
j-na` kumpare vokol-av-al
1E-know compadre difficult-2E-say
Yes, thanks, compadre.

Line 36
kolaval live` kumpare
vokol-av-al l-i-ve` kumpare
difficult-2E-say CP-1A-eat compadre
Thanks for having me for a meal, compadre.

Line 37
kolaval live` kumale
vokol-av-al l-i-ve` kumale
difficult-2E-say CP-1A-eat comadre
Thanks for having me for a meal, comadre.

Line 38
kolaval ijk'ux ajan kumpare
vokol-av-al i-j-k'ux ajan kumpare
difficult-2E-say CP-1E-crunch elote compadre
Thanks for the corn, compadre.

Line 39
kolaval ijk'ux ajan kumale
vokol-av-al i-j-k'ux ajan kumale
difficult-2E-say CP-1E-crunch elote comadre
Thanks for the corn, comadre.

Line 40
batz'i jun vaj kumpa
batz'i jun vaj kumpa
real one tortilla compadre
Just one tortilla, compadre.

Line 41
batz'i jch'ix ajan kumpa
batz'i j-ch'ix ajan kumpa
real one-NC(long) elote compadre
Just one ear of corn, compadre.


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