Line 1
ali xune xchi`uk manvel isnup sbaik ta kaya
ali xun-e x-chi`uk manvel i-s-nup s-ba-ik ta kaya
uh John-CL ASP-with Manuel CP-3E-meet 3E-self-PL PREP street
Juan and Manvel met each other on the street.

Line 2
k'uxi mi talemot ta jobel
k'usi-xi mi tal-em-ot ta jobel
what-say Q come-PF-2A PREP San_Cristobal
Howdy? Have you come to San Cristobal?

k'usi abi
k'usi a-bi
what 2E-name
What's your name?

Line 4
mu k'uxi talemon ta jobel
mu k'usi-xi tal-em-on ta jobel
NEG what-say come-PF-1A PREP San_Cristobal
Hi. I've come to San Cristobal.

Line 5
manvel jbi
manvel j-bi
Manuel 1E-name
My name's Manvel.

Line 6
k'usi abi li vo`ote
k'usi a-bi li vo`ot-e
what 2E-name ART you-CL
What's YOUR name?

Line 7
xun jbi
xun j-bi
John 1E-name
My name's John.

Line 8
bu ana
bu a-na
where 2E-house
Where's your home?

Line 9
tey jna ta nabenchauk
tey j-na ta nabenchauk
there 1E-house PREP "Thunder_Lake"
My home is in Nabenchauk.

Line 10
li vo`ote bu ana
li vo`ot-e bu a-na
ART you-CL where 2E-house
And you, where's your home?

Line 11
vo`one te jna ta nachij
vo`on-e te j-na ta nachij
I-CL there 1E-house PREP "Deer_house"
Me, my home is in Nachij.

mi `o xa avajnil li vo`ote
mi `o xa av-ajnil li vo`ot-e
Q exist already 2E-wife ART you-CL
Do you have a wife already?

Line 13
`oy xa
`oy xa
exist already

Line 14
k'usi `ora avik' avajnile
k'usi ora av-ik' av-ajnil-e
what hour 2E-marry 2E-wife-CL
When did you get married?

Line 15
`ach' to
`ach' to
new still
Just recently.

Line 16
sjayibal `u
s-jayib-al `u
3E-how_many-ORD month
How many months ago?

Line 17
vo`ob to `u
vo`-ob to `u
five-GC still month
Just five months ago.

Line 18
k'usi sbi lavajnile
k'usi s-bi l-av-ajnil-e
what 3E-name ART-2E-wife-CL
What's your wife's name?

Line 19
loxa sbi
loxa s-bi
Rosa 3E-name
Her name is Rosa.

Line 20
mi kuxul to sme` stot lavajnile manvel
mi kuxul to s-me` s-tot l-av-ajnil-e manvel
Q alive still 3E-mother 3E-father ART-2E-wife-CL Manuel
Manvel, are your wife's parents stil alive?

Line 21
kuxul to
kuxul to
alive still

Line 22
bu to`ox nakal avajnile
bu to`ox nakal av-ajnil-e
where at_that_time residing 2E-wife-CL
Where did your wife used to live?

Line 23
tey to`ox nakal ta pat `osil
tey to`ox nakal ta pat `osil
there at_that_time residing PREP back country
She used to live in Pat Osil.

Line 24
k'u cha`al avojtikin
k'u cha`al av-ojtikin
what way 2E-recognize
How did you meet her?

Line 25
ikojtikin ta yabtel stot
i-k-ojtikin ta y-abtel s-tot
CP-1E-recognize PREP 3E-work 3E-father
I met her during her father's cargo.

Line 26
yu`un ko`ol ispas `abtel xchi`uk jtot li
y-u`un ko`ol i-s-pas `abtel x-chi`uk j-tot li
3E-agency equal CP-3E-do,make work ASP-with 1E-father ART

Because her father had his cargo at the same time as my father.

Line 27
mi ta `ora ajak' k'alal avojtikine
mi ta ora a-jak' k'alal av-ojtikin-e
Q PREP now 2E-ask when 2E-recognize-CL
Did you ask for her (in marriage) as soon as you met her?

Line 28
ta `ora ijjak' ti k'alal ikojtikine
ta ora i-j-jak' ti k'alal i-k-ojtikin-e
PREP now CP-1E-ask that when CP-1E-recognize-CL

Line 29
bweno laj no`ox lo`ilajkotik che`e
bweno i-laj no`ox lo`ilaj-k-otik che`e
good CP-finish only converse-SUBJ-1APLI then
Well, we've finished talking together.

Line 30
tey to jk'opon jbatik ta yan k'ak'al manvel
tey to j-k'opon j-ba-tik ta yan k'ak'al manvel
there still 1E-speak_to 1E-self-PL PREP other day Manuel
We'll speak together another day, Manuel.

Line 31
chibat che`e manvel
ch-i-bat che`e manvel
ICP-1A-go then Manuel
I'm going, Manuel.

Line 32
bweno laj no`ox lo`ilajkotik xun
bweno i-laj no`ox lo`ilaj-k-otik xun
good CP-finish only converse-SUBJ-1APLI John
Ok, we've finished talking together, Juan.

Line 33
tey to jk'opon jbatik ta yan k'ak'al
tey to j-k'opon j-ba-tik ta yan k'ak'al
there still 1E-speak_to 1E-self-PL PREP other day
We'll speak together another day.

Line 34
batan che`e
bat-an che`e
go-2APSUBJ then
Go, then.


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