This page contains links to eight texts in Tzotzil. These texts are dialogs that were created for the purposes of pedagogy.

Dialog 1

Dialog 2

Dialog 3

Dialog 4

Dialog 5

Dialog 6

Dialog 7

Dialog 8

Dialog 9*

Each is broken down on a line-by-line basis (where lines generally correspond to sentences). Every line consists of a phonemic transcription (see Chapter 1 of Sk'op Sotz'leb for a discussion of Tzotzil phonology); a breakdown of the transcription into underlying forms (which is fairly straightforward, given that the mapping of underlying to surface forms in Tzotzil morphophonology is practically one-to-one); a morpheme-by-morpheme gloss (see the key for an explanation of abbreviations); and a translation.

In dialogs followed by an asterisk (*), some line numbers in hypertext have corresponding audio files (in .WAV format). Netscape 3.0 has a built-in sound player which will automatically play .WAV files as soon as they are downloaded.


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