Line 1
maruch tzjuch' panin
maruch ta-s-juch' panin
Maria ICP-3E-grind corn_dough
Maria is grinding corn.

Line 2
tinik vayem to
tinik vay-em to
Antonia sleep-PF still
Antonia is still asleep.

Line 3
tinik julavan me
tinik julav-an me
Antonia arise-2APSUBJ DESID
Antonio, please get up.

Line 4
bweno chijulav xa me`tik
bweno ch-i-julav xa me`-tik
good ICP-1A-arise already mother-PL
OK, I'm getting up, ma`am.

Line 5
mi chak'an vo` mi cha`atin
mi ch-a-k'an vo` mi ta-x-a-`atin
Q/or ICP-2E-want water Q/or ICP-ASP-2A-wash
Do you want water? Will you wash?

Line 6
ta jk'an jset'uk chi`atin
ta j-k'an j-set'-uk ch-i-`atin
ICP 1E-want one-NC(pinch)-IRREAL ICP-1A-wash
I want a little, I'll wash.

Line 7
k'usi chapas me`tik
k'usi ch-a-pas me`-tik
what ICP-2E-do,make mother-PL
What are you doing, ma`am?

Line 8
chijuch'un yu`un ta jpak'an vaj
ch-i-juch'un y-u`un ta j-pak'an vaj
ICP-1A-grind 3E-agency ICP 1E-pat tortilla
I'm grinding, because I'm going to pat tortillas.

Line 9
mi xu` xajkolta jlikeluk
mi x-0-yu` x-a-j-kolta j-likel-uk
Q/or ASP-3A-be_able ASP-2A-1E-help one-NC(moment)-IRREAL
May I help you for a while?

Line 10
mu jna` mi xana` spak'anel yu`un batz'i vokol ta pak'anel
mu j-na` mi x-a-na` s-pak'anel y-u`un batz'i vokol ta pak'anel
NEG 1E-know Q/or ASP-2E-know 3E-mending 3E-agency real difficult PREP mending
I don't know if you know how to pat them, because they are very hard to

Line 12
pero yu`un ta jk'an ta jchan spak'anel
pero y-u`un ta j-k'an ta j-chan s-pak'anel
but 3E-agency ICP 1E-want ICP 1E-learn 3E-mending
But I want to learn how to pat them.

Line 13
mi xak'an xachanubtasone
mi x-a-k'an x-a-chanubtas-on-e
Q/or ASP-2E-want ASP-2E-teach-1A-CL
if you want to teach me.

Line 14
la` chotlan li` ta stz'el semete
la` chotl-an li` ta s-tz'el semete
come+IMP sitting-2APSUBJ here/this PREP 3E-edge griddle
Come and sit here by the edge of the griddle.

Line 15
ilo pak'ano un
il-o pak'an-o un
see-IMP pat-IMP PT
Look, pat them.

Line 16
jayib xa ora
jay-ib xa ora
how_many-GC already hour
What time is it?

Line 17
sk'an to lajuneb minuto ta vaxakib ora
s-k'an to lajun-eb minuto ta vaxakib ora
3E-want still ten-GC minute PREP eight hour
It's ten minutes before eight.

Line 18
ta jk'el k'u x`elan lavorae
ta j-k'el k'u x-0-`elan l-av-ora-e
ICP 1E-look what ASP-3A-be ART-2E-hour-CL
Let me look at your watch.

Line 19
k'u cha`al atojoj
k'u cha`al a-toj-oj
what way 2E-pay_for-PF
How much did it cost you?

Line 20
vakvinik pexu stojoj li jtote
vak-vinik pexu s-toj-oj li j-tot-e
six-NC(twenty) peso 3E-pay_for-PF ART 1E-father-CL
My father paid sixty pesos for it.

Line 21
yu`un jmoton liyak'be li jtote
y-u`un j-moton l-i-y-ak'-be li j-tot-e
3E-agency 1E-gift CP-1A-3E-give-BEN ART 1E-father-CL
since my father gave it to me as a gift.

Line 22
bu isman latote
bu i-s-man l-a-tot-e
where CP-3E-buy ART-2E-father-CL
Where did your father buy it?

Line 23
tey isman ta jlumal
tey i-s-man ta j-lumal
there CP-3E-buy PREP 1E-earth
He bought it in my country.

Line 24
mi batz'i jk'ulej latote
mi batz'i jk'ulej l-a-tot-e
Q/or real rich_person ART-2E-father-CL
Is your father very rich?

Line 25
k'usi li jk'uleje
k'usi li jk'ulej-e
what ART rich_person-CL
What does "jk'ulej" mean?

Line 26
mi jk'ulej mi oy ep tajmek stak'in
mi jk'ulej mi oy ep ta-j-mek s-tak'in
Q/or rich_person Q/or exist more PREP-one-NC(time) 3E-money
Is he "jk'ulej", does he have lots of money?

Line 27
mu masuk jk'ulej
mu mas-uk jk'ulej
NEG more-IRREAL rich_person
Not very rich.

Line 28
ta lek no`ox
ta lek no`ox
PREP good only
Just so-so.

Line 29
ja` no`ox yech k'u cha`al vo`oxuke
ja` no`ox yech k'u cha`al vo`oxuk-e
! only thus what way 2PL-CL
Just the same as you all.

Line 30
mi oy xa amalal
mi oy xa a-malal
Q/or exist already 2E-husband
Do you have a husband?

Line 31
ch'abal to jmalal
ch'abal to j-malal
none still 1E-husband
Not yet.

Line 32
k'u yu`un ch'abal to amalal
k'u y-u`un ch'abal to a-malal
what 3E-agency none still 2E-husband
Why don't you have a husband yet?

Line 33
min ch'abal kremotik ta alumale
mi-y-u`un ch'abal krem-otik ta a-lumal-e
Q/or-3E-agency none boy-1APLI PREP 2E-earth-CL
Aren't there any boys in your country?

Line 34
oy ep kremotik ta jlumale
oy ep krem-otik ta j-lumal-e
exist more boy-1APLI PREP 1E-earth-CL
There are many boys in my country.

Line 35
pero k'u yu`un ti mu`yuk to amalal timi oy ep
pero k'u y-u`un ti mu-`oy-uk to a-malal timi oy ep
but what 3E-agency CONJ NEG-exist-IRREAL still 2E-husband if exist much
But why don't you have a husband yet if there are many

Line 36
kremotik ta alumale
krem-otik ta a-lumal-e
boy-1APLI PREP 2E-earth-CL
boys in your country?

Line 37
min mu xak'an amalal
mi-y-u`un mu x-a-k'an a-malal
Q/or-3E-agency NEG ASP-2E-want 2E-husband
Is it that you don't want a husband?

Line 38
ta jk'an li jmalale pero lavie ja` no`ox oy jlekomtak
ta j-k'an li j-malal-e pero lavi-e ja` no`ox oy j-lekom-tak
ICP 1E-want ART 1E-husband-CL but now-CL ! only exist 1E-sweetheart-DPL
I want a husband, but for now I only have boyfriends.

Line 40

Line 41
min oy ep tajmek alekomtak
mi-y-u`un oy ep ta-j-mek a-lekom-tak
Q/or-3E-agency exist much PREP-one-NC(time) 2E-sweetheart-DPL
Do you then have many boyfriends?

Line 42
oy oy ep jlekomtak
oy oy ep j-lekom-tak
exist exist much 1E-sweetheart-DPL
Yes, I have many boyfriends.

Line 43
jay vo` tzkotol alekomtake
jay vo` ta-s-kotol a-lekom-tak-e
how_many NC(person) PREP-3E-all 2E-sweetheart-DPL-CL
How many boyfriends do you have in all?

Line 44
oy nan vuklajunvo` li jlekomtake
oy nan vuk-lajun-vo` li j-lekom-tak-e
exist perhaps 7-ten-NC(person) ART 1E-sweetheart-DPL-CL
I have perhaps seventeen boy friends.

Line 45
ay kajval oy vuklajunvo` alekomtak
ay k-ajval oy vuk-lajun-vo` a-lekom-tak
oh 1E-lord exist 7-ten-NC(person) 2E-sweetheart-DPL
Oh my God, you have seventeen boyfriends?

Line 46
min chavik' skotol taj vuklajunvo` alekomtake
mi-y-u`un ch-av-ik' s-kotol taj vuk-lajun-vo` a-lekom-tak-e
Q/or-3E-agency ICP-2E-marry 3E-all that 7-ten-five 2E-sweetheart-DPL-CL
Are you going to marry all those seventeen boyfriends?

Line 47
k'usi li chkik' mu xka`i
k'usi li ch-k-ik' mu x-k-a`i
what ART ICP-1E-marry NEG ASP-1E-hear
What do you mean will I "ik'" them? I don't understand?

Line 48
min chavik'
mi-y-u`un ch-av-ik'
Q/or-3E-agency ICP-2E-marry
Will you "take" them?

Line 49
min chanupun achu`uk taj vuklajunvo` alekomtake
mi-y-u`un ch-a-nupun a-chu`uk taj vuk-lajun-vo` a-lekom-tak-e
Q/or-3E-agency ICP-2A-be_married 2E-with that 7-ten-NC(person) 2E-sweetheart-DPL-CL
Will you get married with all seventeen boyfriends?

Line 50
ika`i xa
i-k-a`i xa
CP-1E-hear already
Oh, I understand.

Line 51
i`i muk' chinupun jchu`uk skotol
i`i muk' ch-i-nupun j-chu`uk s-kotol
no NEG ICP-1A-be_married 1E-with 3E-all
No, I won't get married with all.

Line 52
ta jk'upin no`ox li yane
ta j-k'upin no`ox li yan-e
ICP 1E-desire only ART other-CL
I'll just enjoy all the others.

Line 53
jun no`ox ti much'u chinupun jchu`uke
jun no`ox ti much'u ch-i-nupun j-chu`uk-e
one only CONJ who ICP-1A-be_married 1E-with-CL
I'll just get married with one.

Line 54
k'u ora chanupun achu`uk li jun krem much'u
k'u ora ch-a-nupun a-chu`uk li jun krem much'u
what hour ICP-2A-be_married 2E-with ART one boy who
When will you get married with the boy who--

Line 55
chanupun achu`uke
ch-a-nupun a-chu`uk-e
ICP-2A-be_married 2E-with-CL
you'll get married to?

Line 56
ja` to timi ista jtob xchu`uk chib jjabilale
ja` to timi i-s-ta j-tob x-chi`uk chib j-jabilal-e
! still if CP-3E-find one-NC(twenty) ASP-with two 1E-year-CL
Once he gets to be twenty-one years old.

Line 57
jayib to ajabilal che`e
jay-ib to a-jabilal che`e
how_many-GC still 2E-year then
How old are you now, then?

Line 58
oy to balunlajuneb jjabilal
oy to balun-lajun-eb j-jabilal
exist still nine-ten-GC 1E-year
I'm still nineteen.

Line 59
a sk'an to xanupun un che`e
a s-k'an to x-a-nupun un che`e
ah 3E-want still ASP-2A-be_married PT then
Oh, so you won't get married yet then.

Line 60
sk'an to
s-k'an to
3E-want still
Not yet.

Line 61
mi xtotz avu`un lavot ta semete
mi x-0-totz av-u`un l-av-ot ta semete
Q/or ASP-3A-peel_off 2E-agency ART-2E-tortilla PREP griddle
Can you take the tortilla off the girddle?

Line 62
ta jpas proval mi xu` ta jtotz
ta j-pas proval mi x-0-yu` ta j-totz
ICP 1E-do,make test Q/or ASP-3A-be_able ICP 1E-peel_off
I'll try and see whether I can take it off.

Line 63
xu` xa
x-0-yu` xa
ASP-3A-be_able already
It's ready now.

Line 64
lek xa
lek xa
good already
It's cooked.

Line 65
totzo kik
totz-o kik
peel_off-IMP perhaps
Try to take it off.

Line 66
bweno ta jtotz
bweno ta j-totz
good ICP 1E-peel_off
OK, I'll take it off.

Line 67
ilaj xa juch'unkotik un
i-0-laj xa juch'un-kotik un
CP-3A-finish already grind-1PLX PT
We've finished grinding now.

Line 68
taso li jun vaje
tas-o li jun vaj-e
take_off-IMP ART one tortilla-CL
Take that one tortilla off (the griddle).

Line 69
ak'o ta moch
ak'-o ta moch
give-IMP PREP basket
Put it in the basket.

Line 70
chibatik ta vo` un tinik
ch-i-bat-ik ta vo` un tinik
ICP-1A-go-PL PREP water PT Antonia
We're going to the well, Antonia.

Line 71
ich'o ech'el li kuvetae
ich'-o ech'el li kuveta-e
receive-IMP away(DIR) ART bucket-CL
Take the bucket along.

Line 72
chba jpultik tal vo`
ch-ba j-pul-tik tal vo`
ICP-go(AUX) 1E-draw-PL DIR(coming) water
We're going to draw water.

Line 73
bweno chkich' ech'el che`e
bweno ch-k-ich' ech'el che`e
good ICP-1E-receive away(DIR) then
OK, I'll take it along then.

Line 74
batik un
bat-tik un
go-PL PT
Let's go.

Line 75
batik che`e
bat-tik che`e
go-PL then
Let's go, then.


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