Line 1
ali palase bat ta vula`al tzna xun jvabajom
ali palas-e i-0-bat ta vula`al ta-s-na xun jvabajom
uh Francisco-CL CP-3A-go PREP visit PREP-3E-house John musician
Francisco went for a visit at the house of John the Musician.

Line 2
mi li`ote loxa
li`-ot-e loxa
Q here-2A-CL Rosa
Are you here, Rosa?

Line 3
mi li` xune
li` xun-e
Q here John-CL
Is John here?

Line 4
li`one li`e
li`-on-e li`-e
here-1A-CL here-CL
I'm here. He's here.

Line 5
mi li`ote xun
li`-ot-e xun
Q here-2A-CL John
Are you here, John?

Line 6
li`one k'u chaval
li`-on-e k'u ch-av-al
here-1A-CL what ICP-2E-say
I'm here. What do you want?

Line 7
mi xu` x`och jvula`anot jlikeluk
x-0-yu` x-0-`och j-vula`an-ot j-likel-uk
Q ASP-3A-be_able ASP-3A-enter 1E-visit-2A one-NC(moment)-IRREAL
May I come in to visit you a moment?

Line 8
xu` ochan tal k'usi chaval
x-0-yu` och-an tal k'usi ch-av-al
ASP-3A-be_able enter-2APSUBJ DIR(coming) what ICP-2E-say
You may. Come in. What do you want?

Line 9
chajvula`an jlikeluk che`e xun
ch-a-j-vula`an j-likel-uk che`e xun
ICP-2A-1E-visit one-NC(moment)-IRREAL then John
I'll visit you for a moment, John.

Line 10
lek bi
lek bi
good indeed
That's good.

Line 11
chotlan me
chotl-an me
Please sit down.

Line 12
te xila
te xila
there chair
There is a chair.

Line 13
bweno kolaval
bweno vokol-av-al
good difficult-2E-say
Ok, thank you.

Line 14
mi nakalot to xun
mi nakal-ot to xun
Q residing-2A still John
Are you still at home, John?

Line 15
nakalon to jlikeluk
nakal-on to j-likel-uk
residing-1A still one-NC(moment)-IRREAL
I'm still at home for a moment.

Line 16
bweno mi oy bu chabat lavie
bweno mi oy bu ch-a-bat lavi-e
good Q exist where ICP-2A-go now-CL
Well, are you going anywhere today?

Line 17
mu`yuk to bu chibat
mu-`oy-uk to bu ch-i-bat
NEG-exist-IRREAL still where ICP-1A-go
I'm not going anywhere yet.

Line 18
ja` to chibat ta jobel ok'ob
ja` to ch-i-bat ta jobel ok'ob
! still ICP-1A-go PREP San_Cristobal tomorrow
Only tomorrow I'll be going to San Cristobal.

Line 19
chba jchon cha` p'ejuk kixim
ch-ba j-chon cha` p'ej-uk k-ixim
ICP-go(AUX) 1E-sell two NC(round)-IRREAL 1E-corn
I'm going to sell two bags of corn.

Line 20
yu`un chba jman o tal chan kotuk kaxlan
y-u`un ch-ba j-man o tal chan kot-uk kaxlan
3E-agency ICP-go(AUX) 1E-buy REL come(AUX) four NC(four_legged)-IRREAL chicken
I'm going to buy (and bring back) about four chickens.

Line 21
k'usi chtun o avu`un li kaxlane
k'usi ch-0-tun o av-u`un li kaxlan-e
what ICP-3A-serve REL 2E-possession ART chicken-CL
What do you need the chickens for?

Line 22
yu`un chich' ilel li kajnile
y-u`un ch-y-ich' ilel li k-ajnil-e
3E-agency ICP-3E-receive seeing ART 1E-wife-CL
My wife is having a curing ceremony.

Line 23
k'usi ora chich' ilel lavajnile
k'usi ora ch-y-ich' ilel l-av-ajnil-e
what hour ICP-3E-receive seeing ART-2E-wife-CL
When does your wife have the curing ceremony?

Line 24
Day after tomorrow

Line 25
bweno yu`un me li` tal jk'oponot une xun
bweno y-u`un me li` tal j-k'opon-ot un-e xun
good 3E-agency DESID here come(AUX) 1E-speak_to-2A PT-CL John
Well, you see I've come to speak with you, John.

Line 26
`ak'o pertonal batz'i jset' kunen sikil a`al
`ak'-o pertonal batz'i j-set' k-unen sikil a`al
give-IMP pardon real one-NC(pinch) 1E-small cold= water
Pardon me for such a little bit of cold water.

Line 27
k'usi atu`un lava`ale tot palas
k'usi a-tu`un l-av-a`al-e tot palas
what 2E-use ART-2E-water-CL father Francisco
What do you need with the (gift of) water, Mr. Francisco?

Line 28
k'usi chaval
k'usi ch-av-al
what ICP-2E-say
What are you saying?

Line 29
mu k'usi chakalbe xun
mu k'usi ch-a-k-al-be xun
NEG what ICP-2A-1E-say-BEN John
I'm not saying anything to you, John.

Line 30
yu`un chakalbe vokol
y-u`un ch-a-k-al-be vokol
3E-agency ICP-2A-1E-ATTR-BEN difficult
It's that I want to ask you a favor.

Line 31
mi mu xa`abulaj chba atijbon jvob
mu x-a-`abulaj ch-ba a-tij-b-on j-vob
Q NEG ASP-2A-please ICP-go(AUX) 2E-play-BEN-1A 1E-music
Won't you please go to play my music for me,

Line 32
yu`un skwenta balte`e
y-u`un s-kwenta bal-te`-e
3E-agency 3E-for wrap-tree-CL
Becasue it's for a flower-change ceremony.

Line 33
k'usi ora
k'usi ora
what hour

Line 34
pero jna`tik k'usi ora chak'an
pero j-na`-tik k'usi ora ch-a-k'an
but 1E-know-PL what hour ICP-2E-want
But who knows when you want it?

Line 35
yu`un xmal ok'ob ta jk'an un
y-u`un x-0-mal ok'ob ta j-k'an un
3E-agency ASP-3A-go_down tomorrow ICP 1E-want PT
The fact is that I want (you for) late tomorrow.

Line 36
aa pero muk' xokolon
aa pero muk' xokol-on
yes but NEG free-1A
Oh, but I'm not free.

Line 37
yu`un ja` li chich' ilel li kajnile
y-u`un ja` li ch-y-ich' ilel li k-ajnil-e
3E-agency ! ART ICP-3E-receive seeing ART 1E-wife-CL
Since that's when my wife has her curing ceremony.

Line 38
yu`un jna`tik jayib ora chatamik li balte`e
y-u`un j-na`-tik jay-ib ora ch-a-tam-ik li bal-te`-e
3E-agency 1E-know-PL how_many-GC hour ICP-2E-lift-PL ART wrap-tree-CL
And who knows what time you'll start the ceremony?

Line 39
ta jtamtikotik nan ta chanib ora
ta j-tam-tikotik nan ta chan-ib ora
ICP 1E-lift-1PLX perhaps PREP four-GC hour
We'll start about four o'clock.

Line 40
pero jna`tik mi mu toj jaluk un
pero j-na`-tik mi mu toj jal-uk un
but 1E-know-PL Q NEG too_much long_time-IRREAL PT
But who knows if it won't be a very long time.

Line 41
mo`oj mu masuk jal
mo`oj mu mas-uk jal
no NEG more-IRREAL long_time
No, not too long.

Line 42
ee pero jna`tik mi mu xiyakub un
ee pero j-na`-tik mi mu x-i-yakub un
but 1E-know-PL Q NEG ASP-1A-get_drunk PT
Ah, but who knows if I won't get drunk.

Line 43
ja` li muk' xokolon leke
ja` li muk' xokol-on lek-e
! ART NEG free-1A good-CL
since I am not really free.

Line 44
mo`oj nan
mo`oj nan
no perhaps
Probably not.

Line 45
jutuk no`ox jpoxtikotik
jutuk no`ox j-pox-tikotik
a_bit only 1E-liquor-1PLX
We only have a little liquor.

Line 46
bweno teyuk
bweno tey-uk
good there-IRREAL
OK, agreed.

Line 47
tey chibat che`e
tey ch-i-bat che`e
there ICP-1A-go then
I'll go then.

Line 48
abulajan che`e xun
abulaj-an che`e xun
suffer-2APSUBJ then John
Please, then, JOhn.

Line 49
ak'o pertonal jset' tajmek kunen sikil a`al un
ak'-o pertonal j-set' ta-j-mek k-unen sikil a`al un
give-IMP pardon one-NC(pinch) PREP-one-NC(time) 1E-small cold= water PT
Please give pardon for just a bit of cold water.

Line 50
bweno batz'i kolaval che`e tot palas
bweno batz'i vokol-av-al che`e tot palas
good real difficult-2E-say then father Francisco
Well, thank you, then, Mr. Francisco.

Line 51
kuch'tik un
k-uch'-tik un
1E-drink-PL PT
Let's drink it!


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