Line 1
k'uxi mi li`ote
k'usi mi li` -ot-e
what Q here-2A-CL
What's up? Are you here?

Line 2
mu k'uxi li`one
mu k'usi li` -on-e
NEG what here-1A-CL
Nothing's up. I'm here.

Line 3
bu chabat
bu ch -a -bat
where ICP-2A-go
Where are you going?

Line 4
chibat ta jobel
ch -i -bat ta jobel
ICP-1A-go PREP San_Cristobal
I'm going to San Cristobal.

Line 5
k'u chba apas ta jobele
k'u ch -ba a -pas ta jobel -e
what ICP-go(AUX) 2E-do,make PREP San_Cristobal-CL
What are you going to do in San Cristobal?

Line 6
chba jman tal kantela
ch -ba j -man tal kantela
ICP-go(AUX) 1E-buy DIR(coming) candle
I'm going to buy some candles (to bring back).

Line 7
chba jk'opon jun vinik
ch -ba j -k'opon jun vinik
ICP-go(AUX) 1E-speak_to one man
I'm going to talk to a man.

Line 8
yu`un la tzk'an chchan li batz'i k'ope
y -u`un la ta -s -k'an ta -s -chan li batz'i k'op-e
3E-agency QUOT ICP-3E-want ICP-3E-learn ART real word-CL
because he wants to learn to speak Tzotzil.

Line 9
yu`un mu xa`i li batz'i k'ope
y -u`un mu x -y -a`i li batz'i k'op-e
3E-agency NEG ASP-3E-hear ART real word-CL
because he doesn't understand Tzotzil.

Line 10
min xavojtikin
mi-y -u`un x -av-ojtikin
Q -3E-agency ASP-2E-recognize
Are you acquainted with him?

Line 11
xkojtikin jset'
x -k -ojtikin j -set'
ASP-1E-recognize 1E-NC(pinch)
I know him a little.

Line 12
bu avojtikin
bu av-ojtikin
where 2E-recognize
Where did you meet him?

Line 13
ikojtikin ta ch'ivit ta jteklum ta k'in
i -k -ojtikin ta ch'ivit ta j -tek -lum ta k'in
CP-1E-recognize PREP market PREP 1E-place-earth PREP fiesta
I met him in the market at the fiesta in Zinacantan Center.

Line 14
mi krem to li vinike
mi krem to li vinik-e
Q boy still ART man -CL
Is this man still young?

Line 15
krem to
krem to
boy still
He's still young.

Line 16
tey ch`abtej ta jobel
tey ch -0 -`abtej ta jobel
there ICP-3A-work PREP San_Cristobal
He works in San Cristobal.

Line 17
k'usi `abtelal tzpas
k'usi `abtelal ta -s -pas
what work ICP-3E-do,make
What sort of work does he do?

Line 18
yu`un tzk'an chchan li k'u cha`al
y -u`un ta -s -k'an ta -s -chan li k'u cha`al
3E-agency ICP-3E-want ICP-3E-learn ART what way
ch -i -`abtej-otik -e
ICP-1A-work -1APLI-CL
He wants to learn how we work.

Line 19
k'usi sbi li much'u tzk'an chchan li batz'i k'ope
k'usi s -bi li much'u ta -s -k'an ta -s -chan li batz'i k'op-e
what 3E-name ART who ICP-3E-want ICP-3E-learn ART real word-CL
What's the name of (this person) who wants to learn Tzotzil?

Line 20
mu jna` k'usi sbi
mu j -na` k'usi s -bi
NEG 1E-know what 3E-name
I don't know what his name is.

Line 21
mi lak'ot ta jobel volje li vo`ote
mi l -a -k'ot ta jobel volje li vo`ot-e
Q CP-2A-arrive PREP San_Cristobal yesterday ART you -CL
Did you make it to San Cristobal yesterday?

Line 22
muk' xik'ot
muk' x -i -k'ot
NEG ASP-1A-arrive
I didn't make it.

Line 23
likom ta be
l -i -kom ta be
CP-1A-remain PREP path
I stayed on the road.

Line 24
ital xa li karoe
i -0 -tal xa li karo -e
CP-3A-come already ART truck-CL
The truck has come.

Line 25
batik che`e
bat-tik che`e
go -PL then
Let's go!


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